I’m Dr. Edward Marshall, also known as Dr. Ed, and I want my site to be your site for any personal problems you want to get solved, whether yours or problems of people you care about. You will see solutions to all types of people problems, and all problems can affect health. Example: Losing a home to short sale or foreclosure can lead to depression, divorces, and sometimes suicides or murder/suicides.

Substance problems, such as excess food with overweight, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and also relationship and career problems, are just a few that I can help people solve, and I’ve been doing it for many years! I’m not here as your physician, so please see your own physician when you need one. However, I want you to benefit from my years of experience now that I’m retired from active practice. You wouldn’t want me to dance, sing or draw for you, but my one gift is Solving Problems!

Making money is not my main purpose. What I want most is to know that you and as many people as possible are benefiting from the solutions to problems you can see on this site. Everything offered is either free, or at a low price to help cover the website costs. Just click on what interests you:

You will see the Guides you can use for VERY EFFECTIVE self-help for overweight, smoking, alcohol and narcotic problems., marriage and other relationship issues, winning in sports and contests, career success, ending insomnia and nightmares, and getting wealthy. You can get amazing help for anal fissures, with closing of it in under two minutes, and healing within 2 weeks or less.

My book, The Peace Prescription, led to my being nominated for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize. It’s available on this site and on Amazon. It tells how we can markedly reduce violence and wars, and the method has already mostly ended, so far, the deadly civil war that was raging in Myanmar, aka Burma.

See the Blog Page for blogs on who should be our next President, how to get peace in the Middle East, and much more.

After years in the home real estate business, I now have the patented HELPPR Plan for home loans and loan modifications that can prevent most losses of homes due to short sales and foreclosures. Lenders, owners of securitized non-agency loans, mortgage insurers and loan servicers can save loan losses and expenses with the HELPPR Plan.

My invention for shoes that can reduce pain and damage to feet, ankles, knees and hips, and my related invention for safer helmets that can prevent most concussions, serious head and brain injuries, spine injuries, paralysis and deaths for football players, bicycle riders, bikers and hockey players, await some fine tuning by a mechanical engineer I am seeking as a partner.

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