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The Problem Solver Dr. Ed Presents:
Safer Helmets, Cars Fueled by Water, & Other Problems Being Solved

Not long ago, I had a provisional patent pending for a new way to make helmets safer for bikers, bicycle riders, skate boarders and football players. I didn’t pursue it, because more specifications are needed for a final patent application.

This invention would prevent most concussions and other brain injuries, neck spine injuries with paralysis, and even deaths, for the millions of people who wear today’s helmets that don’t do enough to prevent serious injuries.

The same mechanics can be patented for use for shoes to reduce the trauma and pains to feet, ankles, knees, hips and low back due to force of the person’s weight with each step.

I’m looking for a mechanical engineer to work with to get the exact specifications and design in order to file for the patent. My first choice would be a mechanical engineer who would do the needed work in exchange for a 50/50 ownership of the patent, if it gets issued, of course. If you are an engineer who wants to help make this happen, please contact me at EdMarshall@ThePeacePrescription.com.

Another interesting “problem” to be solved would involve perfecting a system in which today’s car combustion engines could run on water added to the fuel tank, from which hydrogen would be obtained by electrolysis of the water. Imagine refueling your car by filling your “gas” tank with water using your garden hose. The first combustion engine vehicle ever made ran on this hydrogen-from-water system.

In this case, I have some ideas that could be helpful to auto mechanics and mechanical engineers who wish to pursue this. There could be patent possibilities. Imagine the low fuel costs and having the only exhaust be water vapor! Some combustion engines in trucks are already “running on water” after the fuel systems were converted.

Again, if you’re qualified and interested you can contact me at DrEd@ThePeacePresription.com.

In the coming years, there are likely to be increasing water shortages in many parts of the world. Desalination of ocean water will be needed more and more, and it will be important to develop low-cost methods of doing that by processes compatible with affordable water. Another process would be affordable capture of excess rain and snow flood waters for use
when and where needed. The process could prevent lots of damage and even injuries and deaths from floods.

I have a plan for preventing hurricane damage by disrupting the storms before they strike populated land areas. Could work for tornadoes as well. As Katrina was bearing down on New Orleans and other Gulf Coast areas, I tried to reach government officials with the plan, but no one would answer my emails.

Please use the above email contact info if you wish to be involved in any of these problem solutions, and have the necessary engineering skills.

You want to share solutions for other problems? You can use that contact info for that, too.

It’s amazing what can be done! Happy problem-solving to all!
Dr. Ed